03/23/2012 04:08 EDT | Updated 03/23/2012 08:28 EDT

Thomas Mulcair And Peggy Nash Struggle With Speeches At NDP Convention (VIDEO)

NDP leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair speaks very quickly during his convention speech.

Mar 23, 2012 | Source: Keek.com

TORONTO -- Thomas Mulcair and Peggy Nash may be two of the most experienced candidates running for the leadership of the NDP, but you wouldn't have known if you watched their convention speeches.

Mulcair started with a parade, accompanied by drums and signs, speeches and video, but when the front-runner took to the podium, all the audience at the Toronto convention centre got was a really quick read of his stump speech.


Clearly running out of time after the long, slow build, Mulcair sped through his speech to delegates. On Twitter, the response was immediate.

"Liberal in a hurry" takes on new meaning as Mulcair takes to the mic," wrote Mark Watton.

The National Post's John Ivison wrote, "Mulcair reading his speech as if he and it are complete strangers. Isn't he meant to be the Great Communicator?"

Nash took the stage after Mulcair and experienced problems of her own. Word on the floor of the convention was her teleprompter sped up, forcing her to ad lib the rest of her speech.

Thinking on her feet may have caused the Nash to go over her time, which led convention organizers to turn on the music, Oscars style, to get her off the stage. Check out the video of the moment below.

Peggy Nash's speech gets cut off at the NDP Convention.

Mar 23, 2012 | Source: Keek.com

Users on Twitter speculated that Nash's misstep may actually be an advantage, pointing to Stephane Dion's victory at the 2006 Liberal convention after his speech was also cut off.

We'll have to wait until Saturday to find out if lightning will strike twice.

Take a look at the reaction to Mulcair's fast speech on Twitter in the slideshow below.

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