03/25/2012 04:00 EDT | Updated 05/25/2012 05:12 EDT

The letter serial killer Robert Pickton sent The Canadian Press

AGASSIZ, B.C. - Serial killer Robert Pickton sent a letter to The Canadian Press in response to a request for a jailhouse interview. Here is his letter (spelling and punctuation of the original has been maintained):

I have received your letter in hear at Kent, and you have stated that you would like to have a inter-view with me which I have no problem with that situation at all what so ever. But now to address this one particular major problem with dealing over that certain stumbling block. That is for you getting in hear to arrange a formal visit with me. If you are looking for a story, "boy do I have one for you!!!"

Now to over-ride this particular problem tell them when making appointment by telephone, "that you are my new defence lawyer being appointed to this case, in defending Mr. Pickton's rights. To get a upper hand on this particular case plan for a four hour interview, to exchange information as we have much to talk about to fully under-stand this case.

Also bring another lawyer with you as a junior lawyer to help you with the work load you need one.

If by any chance you can arrange to get a copy of the interrogation report when this took place on February 23-2002 for a 12-hour interview, please bring that with you which also help clear up the air.

("Thanks for your courtesy, and hope to have this visit soon.")