03/26/2012 02:46 EDT | Updated 05/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Adrian Dix Train Ticket: B.C. NDP Leader Gets Warning After Caught Without Proof Of Payment

VICTORIA - B.C.'s Opposition New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix admits he was recently caught riding Vancouver's SkyTrain without a valid transit ticket.

Dix says he received a warning after a transit officer stopped him at a downtown stop and he couldn't produce a ticket.

He insists he always buys a pass, but this time he couldn't prove it and it was completely his fault.

The fine for fare evasion is $173, which Dix says he would have gladly paid, as did Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson who was issued a ticket and fine in 2007 for not having a valid ticket.

Dix says his transit violation shouldn't be compared with his infamous memo-to-file incident where he admitted backdating a memo for former premier Glen Clark in the 1990s that ultimately led to Dix's departure as a top-ranking aide to the former premier.

Translink, the operators of the Metro Vancouver transit system, estimates that fare evasion costs the transportation system more than $7 million annually.


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