03/26/2012 03:20 EDT | Updated 05/26/2012 05:12 EDT

France Charbonneau, Quebec Superior Court Justice Heading Corruption Probe, Victim Of Break-In

MONTREAL - A break-in at the home of the Quebec judge who will head an inquiry into allegations of construction corruption has resulted in stolen jewelry.

An inquiry spokesman says no documents related to the corruption probe were stolen from the Montreal home of Superior Court Justice France Charbonneau.

Spokesman Richard Bourdon confirms the break-in but says no documents of note were stolen because commission rules prohibit Charbonneau from keeping them at home.

Montreal police say there have been several burglaries in and around Charbonneau's neighbourhood over the past few weeks.

Charbonneau will be investigating allegations of illicit ties in Quebec between organized crime, the construction industry and political parties.

The inquiry will have its official launch with an opening statement in May. It's unclear, however, whether it will begin hearing witnesses before the fall.