03/27/2012 11:02 EDT | Updated 03/27/2012 12:02 EDT

Spring Makeup Colours: Bright Hues And Pop Art For Your Face

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The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and spring has officially sprung! It’s officially time to pack away our boots and scarves and bust out the floral prints and strappy heels. And as far as our faces are concerned, it’s definitely time to ditch our dreary old winter beauty basics like waterproof mascara and petroleum jelly in favour of make-up products and looks that are a little more befitting of this vibrant season.

At a loss for what’s hot (and cool) for the spring season? We scoped out some of the most stylish celebs to see what looks they’re into this spring, and how you can make the most of it in your personal beauty routine.

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Rosy lips

Nothing brightens your face faster than a pop of bright pink lipstick or gloss. Bright and kissable lips are best complemented by a soft and pretty palette on the eyes -- think a shimmering pale green or a subtle lavender, like Angelina Jolie is wearing. A dewy complexion is a great canvas for the look – try mixing a bit of highlighter into your everyday moisturizer to get a subtle springtime glow.

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You’re making us blush!

Pigment on cheekbones was huge on the runways this spring, and bronzers seemed to lead this trend. Maybe it’s wishful thinking for summertime -- bronzer mimics the natural glow we get during those tantalizing summer long weekends – but it’s definitely a look that’s working for us this spring. Could Lea Michele’s cheekbones look any more spectacular? Don’t think so!

Pop Art

Makeup is fun, so why not play with it? Think of your face as a canvas and take a page out of the book of Warhol and Rothko by playing with colour in an extreme way. Kat Von D. uses two splashes of colour here, but you can tone the look down by dramatically highlighting one aspect of your face (Orange lipstick? Turquoise eyelids?) and subtly downplaying the rest.

Smoky eyes

Sultry and sophisticated, smoky eyes are the ultimate in glam. We loved the way Jennifer Lawrence – who plays Katniss Everdeen – recently rocked a softened smoky eye, which were still dramatic against her beautifully subdued peaches-and-cream makeup scheme. Once you’ve mastered the tricky application, smoky eyes are a look that will serve you well at any special event. Save this dramatic trend for your big evenings out.

Heavy on the metal

Silver metallics on eyes are huge this spring. Using just your fingers, gently smudge some silver eyeshadow across your lids for a hint of silver, or use a slightly damp brush and a separate silver liner for a more intensely metallic vibe like Toni Braxton’s here. Universally flattering and effortlessly glamourous, you can play this look up with a dark and dramatic lip or soften it up for daytime wear with a subtle, neutral lipgloss. When you’ve got a lot of shine on your lids, be sure to keep your complexion matte.

Heavyset brows

Heavy brows are back – and they’re bigger than ever before. But if you choose to take a vacation from plucking, just make sure that your brows they are exceptionally neat and tidy – big does not necessarily mean bushy. Jennifer Connelly and Brooke Shields are the reigning poster women for lush, natural eyebrows, so take your brow cues from them. (Remember: eyebrows frame your eyes, so keep the skin around your eyes bright and looking its best by gently moisturizing and using a brightening concealer, as needed. You’ll look bright-eyed and well-rested.)

Vintage red lips

Do not fear red lipstick – embrace it! There’s a red out there for everybody, and true and vintage red lips are always in style. Plus, they’re just about the boldest beauty statement you can make. Just be sure to follow Christina Hendricks’ lead -- keep any eye makeup neutral. Skin should be flawlessly matte.