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Richmond Food Blogger Job: #Richmond365 Contest Inspires Competition

Tourism Richmond

Just how far are people willing to go for the privilege of eating at a restaurant every day of the year, writing about it -- and getting paid to do so? Tourism Richmond, a tourism organization in Richmond, B.C., will have some idea as their 365 Days Of Dining contest closes on March 31, the culmination of a month-long search for a food blogger for the city.

If the intention was to shine some light on Richmond's culinary offerings, it seems they succeeded -- media outlets in far-flung places like Indonesia and the Czech Republic covered the competition, and so far, it looks like applicants are coming from all over the world, not just western Canada.

The job will be the winner's for a year, to the tune of $50,000, a daily restaurant stipend, a gym membership (to counteract all that eating) and potential living costs. In exchange, the blogger will be visiting one food spot a day, writing a post, maintaining all the social networks and generally acting as an ambassador for Richmond, B.C. Sounds like a pretty fair tradeoff to us.

Writers from around the region were inspired to put on their mentoring caps, like with this video series from Vancouver travel writer Lori Henry, which details how the eventual winner can best excel at the gig (tip #1: get creative with the language). The bloggers at Dining Out 101 proved just how nice westerners really can be, with their helpful advice doled out prior to putting in their own application.

Looking at the candidates on Twitter, it seems to come down to a two-person race: Lindsay Anderson, who enlisted help from friends all over the world to spread her message and finished with a seriously skilled video, and Ed Lau, a knowledgeable foodie who appears to have the endorsement of every other person in the city.

But what does Twitter know? There are plenty of options out there -- we pulled together a few of the people making an impact, and we'll wait along with everyone else for the results from Tourism Richmond.

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Richmond Food Blogger Contest

CORRECTION: This article previously stated that Tourism Richmond was the tourism department for Richmond, B.C. That information was incorrect, and has been corrected to note that it is a tourism organization in Richmond.