03/28/2012 03:04 EDT | Updated 03/31/2012 09:45 EDT

Weird Beauty Treatments: Urine Therapy, Bull Semen Hair Conditioner And More (PHOTOS)

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What would you do to look and feel your best?

Would you rub bull semen into your hair? How about let fish nibble dead flesh off your feet? Maybe you'd indulge in some fire cupping?

Sounds like we're making all of these beauty treatments up, but we're not. Around the world, people go to great lengths to look younger. And some of the things they're willing to do are just plain weird.

Take the "Vampire Facelift," for example. Yes, it's a real thing. And we've been receiving press releases about its rise in popularity for months.

Would you try any of these random beauty procedures to shave a few years off your looks or face? Let us know below or online @HuffPostCaStyle.

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