03/29/2012 01:13 EDT | Updated 03/29/2012 05:00 EDT

'Mad Men' Lingerie: A Sneak Peek Of Costume Designer Janie Bryant's Undies Line (PHOTOS)


Your dreams of wanting to dress head-to-toe like Betty Draper or Joan Harris from 'Mad Men,' are one step closer to fruition.

Sure you can already reach for the Banana Republic 'Mad Men' capsule collection, but what are you supposed to wear under those cocktail dresses?

'Mad Men' lingerie, courtesy of the show's costume designer Janie Bryant, of course. The line, which is sold by Maidenform, is fun, sexy and sure to fog up your specks, and was developed as a capsule collection to celebrate the company's 90th year in business.

Bryant, who partnered with Maidenform a few years ago, spoke with Fashionista about the new collection.

"The foundations of the 1950s and 1960s are so inspiring! Not only are the design details beautiful, but how they shape the body is pretty magical."

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Maidenform, a women's underwear company created in 1922, is no stranger to 'Mad Men.' The company, which revolutionized women's underwear to accentuate a lady's form, was featured on the show in season two.

"I think there is a void in the market for sexy shape wear and that was my first intention to make the 90th Anniversary Capsule Collection for Maidenform be just that -- sexy!" added Bryant.

The line will make its North American debut later this year.