03/29/2012 05:56 EDT | Updated 05/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Penny for their thoughts: Rapid reaction to govt's plans to scrap the cent

News of the government's plans to scrap the penny generated a flood of reaction on social media. Here is a sampling of some of the tweets on the demise of the Canadian penny:

"Why would you want to kill the penny? that's just looney." — @SaveThePenny

"Without the penny, what will misers pinch?!" — @GerryNic

"Canada got rid of the penny? BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY CENTS." — @annetdonahue

"The penny is a dumb distraction. The pennies, or nickels, we will have to earn working years longer before retirement are far more important." — @Adam_Stirling

"A #Penny for your thoughts? Not anymore. The Canadian Mint will stop producing the coin this fall. Makes cents to me." — @tdaenzer

"The penny never was my favourite coin, although I could never resist stooping to pick one up. Guess I won't be stooping as much now." — @karl_wells

"Soon a child will be born that will never understand the saying of a penny saved is a penny earned" — @Dadesh64

"No penny means I can't say "penny for your thoughts" anymore." — @robsarj

"Want my two cents? this sucks." — @SaveThePenny