03/29/2012 02:27 EDT | Updated 03/29/2012 02:55 EDT

Stripper Gives Pole-Dancing Demonstration At Toronto City Hall Meeting (VIDEO)

Twitter user @reporterdonpeat

City councillors, staffers and reporters at Toronto City Hall got an interesting presentation on Thursday when a pole-dancer gave a live demonstration at a Licencing and Standards Committee meeting.

The committee was reviewing the city's rules around adult entertainment, which is where Viviana came in.

The dancer set up a stripper pole, complete with orange safety cones, and performed a routine for the suddenly attentive crowd.

Many of the councillors in attendance gave the demo a thumbs up. “The acrobatics we saw here today were done with style and grace,” councillor Anthony Perruza told the Toronto Sun.

"OMG. Watching Lic. Cttee live pole-dancing! AND they're talking about what sexual activity is acceptable in adult entertmnt. Where's Mammo?," councillor Janet Davis tweeted in reference to fellow councillor Giorgio Mammoliti who has has proposed the city create a red light district.

The Toronto Star's Robyn Doolittle snapped video of the performance, which also sparked instant reaction on Twitter.

"Suck it Ottawa. You can have your budget lockup, your robocall committee. We've got pole dancing," tweeted Open File's John McGrath.

The demonstration also revealed an interesting personal tid bit from another Toronto councillor, Glenn De Baeremaker. "I used to dance in a cage in my university days," reported the Star's David Rider on Twitter. The councillor added that it was called "go-go" back in the day.