'Win A Baby' Contest In Ottawa Gets Results

An Ottawa radio station's controversial contest has come up with just the results they hoped for -- at least one baby.

The 'Win A Baby' contest held by Hot 89.9 last year announced today that one of their couples, Natasha and Ryan Derouchie, are expecting a child. The contest had offered three in-vitro fertilization treatments to entrants who most impressed them with a 100-word essay, but decided at the last minute to give the $35,000 treatment to all five finalists they'd chosen.

The contest sparked reactions across the globe, as those opposed to it decried the notion of having to tell their child he or she was 'won' in a competition, and others lauded Hot 89.9 for giving this expensive opportunity to a couple who may not otherwise have it.

The official announcement took place Thursday morning, when this was posted on the station's Twitter feed:

Huge CONGRATS to Natasha & Ryan! They came to the HOT studios six months ago for WIN A Baby & now they're expecting! http://t.co/n0QTCTAu

While pictures that include posing with the 'Win Me' poster (like the one above) were part of a column mocking the contest in The Ottawa Citizen, it's hard to argue with the glee expressed on Natasha Derouchie's Twitter feed, or the number of listeners who wrote in to say they cried when they heard the news.

So will it be five for five for Hot 89.9? The odds are, unfortunately, not in their favour, but hopefully the station will take that opportunity to shed more light on a topic that many are too embarrassed to discuss in public.

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