03/31/2012 01:52 EDT | Updated 03/31/2012 09:31 EDT

Justin Trudeau Boxing Match Tonight After Liberal MP Hit With Loss Of Grandmother Kathleen Sinclair

On the eve of Justin Trudeau's boxing match with Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, the Liberal MP has lost his grandmother.

Kathleen Sinclair, Trudeau's grandmother on his mother's side, passed away Thursday in a nursing home at age 92, according to Postmedia.


The fight will continue as planned. "It won't change anything," Trudeau assistant Tommy Desfosses told The National Post.


Trudeau tweeted "Thanks for all the kind thoughts. At 92, Gramma's mind was still strong, but her body slowly shut down. She loved, and was loved, immensely."

Brazeau sent condolences to Trudeau and his family on Twitter, to which Justin responded, "Thanks Pat. You couldn't sleep in either? Both of us totally excited for tonight, we're going to have fun, for a great cause."

The charity fight for cancer will take place at the Hampton Inn Convention Centre tonight in Ottawa, but you can catch the battle live on the Sun News Network.

Early speculation had second degree karate black belt Brazeau as the favourite, but Trudeau's reach advantage and boxing experience have been shifting expectations, with many predicting a win for the lanky Liberal on points.

That length advantage was the subject of trash talk at the weigh-in in Ottawa on Wednesday, with a speedo-clad Brazeau looking down as his shorts when questioned about Trudeau's longer arms. "I've got a lot of length over here," said Brazeau.

If Trudeau does triumph over his brawnier opponent, he won't just be winning glory. The loser of the fight is set to be humiliated on Monday in the foyer of the House of Commons with a hair cut. Both men sport long locks.

The loser will also be forced to wear a jersey for the opponent's political party for a week.

But those concerns aren't likely to be in the forefront of Trudeau's mind on Saturday night. The MP sent this philosophical tweet this morning: "Beautiful, quiet day for me. As a canoeist: it's deeply calming and meaningful to just watch the rush and flow of the mighty Ottawa River."

Both Trudeau and Brazeau have lost a parent to cancer and it seems family, and the importance of enjoying time with them, is in the thoughts of both fighters today.

Let the best man win.


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