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Robocalls Culprit Confesses To Misleading Election Phone Calls

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GUELPH, Ont. — The culprit behind hundreds of misleading phone calls made to voters during the last federal election has revealed himself in a confession obtained exclusively by The Huffington Post Canada.

Pierre P. Dalek, originally of the planet Skaro but now residing in Guelph, Ont., said he had begun to crack under the pressure as investigators with Elections Canada closed in on him and his 2011 scheme to "exterminate" Canadian democracy.

Dalek refused to confirm the motives behind the campaign: "Exterminate," he said when asked if the subversion of the voting process was meant to boost cynicism and further erode the confidence of Canadians in their political system.

Dalek has no remorse — he’s incapable of feeling compassion or regret, he told HuffPost in a one-on-one interview conducted April 1 in a park along the town’s Speed River. He said he's furious, however, that the misnomer "robocalls" has been applied to the growing scandal, noting he is not a robot, but rather a mutant with robot-like features. He would not comment on whether he acted alone or whether other Daleks in other ridings across Canada had sought to tamper with the electoral process.

"Exterminate," he added.

A long-time foe of Dr. Who, Dalek said he has a fresh hate-on for Postmedia reporters Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor, as well as the CBC’s Kady O’Malley (for obvious reasons).

Elections Canada Chief Marc Mayrand refused to comment on the Dalek confession saying that the matter was still under investigation. Earlier this week, he told a Commons committee that investigators were examining 800 complaints involving 200 ridings.

"It's totally unacceptable in a modern democracy,” Mayrand told MPs.

“Exterminate,” Dalek replied.

More Dalek shenanigans below.

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