04/02/2012 04:14 EDT | Updated 06/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Kelowna Man Begs Forgiveness For Killing Mother

The son of a prominent Kelowna businessman has been sentenced to another 18 months in prison for killing his elderly mother.

In 2009, 77-year-old Josephine (Babs) Capozzi was found dead on the floor of her Kelowna home by a neighbour. Her son, Cameron, was arrested by police and charged with killing her.

Justice Alison Beames described the elderly woman as frail and vulnerable, and said she fell on her driveway while trying to leave her home.

But Beames said the woman died of a burst artery when her heavily intoxicated son lifted her roughly up on his shoulders to bring her into the house.

Beames ruled Cameron Capozzi may have inflicted more damage on his mother because she was found with six broken ribs and bruising on her face and arms.

Beams sentenced Capozzi to 6.5 years for the manslaughter. He has already spent 2.5 years in prison and was given double-time credit for that time, leaving another 18 months in the sentence.

During his sentencing hearing Monday morning, Capozzi, 53, told a Kelowna court he was remorseful and asked for forgiveness.

"My sin is the taking of my own sweet mother's life; but my sins are many and this, today, is witness to the culmination of a selfish, arrogant, licentious life. I confess this publicly, remorsefully and repentantly.

"Forgive me mom, forgive me family, forgive me friends of mom — for certainly I had lost all friendships long ago. Forgive me Lord," said Capozzi.

"Most of all, forgive me the good neighbours of Babs who I frightened into tears, the children who will never forget. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

Blood alcohol level 4 times legal limit

Shortly after the woman's body was discovered in August 2009, police found Cameron lying on the ground in a shed behind her home. Blood alcohol tests showed he was heavily intoxicated, registering at 0.32 — four times the legal driving limit.

Capozzi was charged with second-degree murder, and originally pleaded not guilty. The case went to trial in February but after four days of testimony from neighbours and RCMP, Capozzi pleaded guilty to manslaughter, telling the court it was the "right thing to do."

The Capozzi family is well known in the Kelowna area. The family founded Calona Vineyards, one of B.C.'s first wineries, as well as a hotel and several other businesses.

Cameron's uncle, Herb Capozzi, was former general manager of the B.C. Lions and died in November 2011.