04/02/2012 11:50 EDT

Skin Secrets: Expert Advice To Get Flawless Looking Skin (PHOTOS)


Lip colours may change with the seasons, and brow styles may go from bold to thin, but one look that never goes out of style is flawless skin. And by using the right products and techniques, getting your skin to look as gorgeous as celebrities on the red carpet is within reach. Beau Nelson, New York-based celebrity makeup artist with Page One Management, shares his top tips for achieving a healthy, glowing complexion.

Make Exfoliating An Essential Part Of Your Routine

Sloughing off dead skin cells on a regular basis will help reveal fresh, new glowing skin. Nelson recommends using a scrub at least twice a week. If it’ll help make it a part of your regular routine, "use an exfoliating cleanser in place of your regular one in the shower to save time," he says.

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Flawless Looking Skin

Select The Right Moisturizer

Before you even think about putting a drop of makeup on, you need to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. Pay attention to your skin type -- has it evolved over the last few months or years? This is key as you need to choose a moisturizer specific to your skin type, says Nelson. If you have oily skin, look for one that's described as hydrating or providing moisture control, he says. And if you're on the dry side, check for "balm" or "moisture" in its name or description.

Address Your Skin's Age

The foundation Emma Stone uses will not be the same one Kate Winslet uses. "Foundation needs to change as you age because your skin changes," says Nelson. "Young skin can wear virtually any finish including matte without it looking aged, but more mature skin looks best in dewier finishes."

Flawless Skin In A Hurry

Have all of three minutes to get out the door? Your best bet is to use a powder foundation. Although he generally does not care for this product format, Nelson says powder foundations offer easy coverage in a hurry. He finds they can give an unnatural, powdery finish to the skin. "So when I do use them, I spray a hydrating spray over them so they look more like skin than powder," he adds.

Hide Blemishes

Is your smooth, glowing skin marred by an enormous zit that popped up on your chin? Nelson recommends taking a full-coverage concealer (one that matches your skin tone exactly) and using a pointed brush to dab the product on the centre of the pimple. "Blend around it outwards [so it fits] seamlessly with your skin," he says.

Invest Time In Highlighting

Your makeup job for flawless skin doesn't end after applying your foundation. "Highlighting is an extra step, but a worthwhile one," says Nelson. Afraid of over-highlighting and looking greasy-faced rather than dewy? "To avoid looking oily, make sure your T-zone is matte and kept free of any highlighting products -- use them only on the tops of cheekbones, the cupid's bow of lips, the inner corner of eyes and the brow bone," he says.

Get Glowing

If you've slacked off on exfoliating and your skin's looking a little dull, Nelson suggests using a radiance serum. The concentration of brightening ingredients can be a quick instant fix -- this is what he does when models and celebrities show up on set with lacklustre skin.

Minimize Pores

If you find your larger than average pore size is preventing your skin from achieving a flawless finish, then your next beauty purchase needs to be a primer. "Using a primer before applying makeup can really help fill in pores and make them look smaller," says Nelson. Once you've applied your primer, next use a synthetic brush to buff foundation over the face to create a porcelain-like look.