04/02/2012 01:28 EDT

Paris Hilton Shows Off Tan Lines In Thong Bikini (PHOTOS)

There are a few things you should always have in your beach bag: sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and a bathing suit that offers enough, ahem, coverage for your bits.

Except if you're Paris Hilton. This past weekend, while vacationing on a friend's yacht in Australia, the heiress was caught having a little wardrobe malfunction that involved an itty-bitty thong bikini and no sunscreen.

In the middle of readjusting her suit's straps, she revealed her derrière and a rather dark tan line.

We can't tell if her bronzed skin is real or fake, but we hope the heiress is covering up with some SPF (if she's not covering up in, ahem, other ways). Take a look at some other highly and overly tanned Hollywood stars.

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