04/03/2012 05:07 EDT | Updated 04/03/2012 05:07 EDT

Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick For You (PHOTOS)


Bold, red lips are in this season, but it can be hard to find the perfect colour of rouge to complement your skin tone -- and your hair. Toronto makeup artist Jessica Jean Myers says everyone can find the perfect red shade of lipstick -- it just takes some patience.

Another thing you'll have to get used to -- if you adopt the spring trend of red lips -- is how attention-getting rouge can be.

"Red lipstick is bold, but that doesn't mean it can't be worn day to day," Myers says. "It just takes confidence and practice to get used to, seeing yourself with it on -- we often put the focus on our eye makeup when we 'get done up.'"

She adds: "Red lipstick is the easiest way to quickly make [yourself] look 'polished and done' in 30 seconds. I can have almost no makeup on and just a swipe of red lipstick and some mascara and suddenly I look 'made up."

And how can you tell if the rouge you own works on you? Check to see if you look pale or sallow after you put it on. If you do, then it's not the right shade.

Here are Myers's tips to finding the perfect red for you.

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