04/03/2012 02:24 EDT | Updated 04/03/2012 02:57 EDT

Trudeau, Brazeau Boxing Poem Delivered By Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner (VIDEO)

MP Rodger Cuzner's poem on Justin Trudeau's boxing victory over Patrick Brazeau sent Liberals in the House of Commons into a frenzy on Monday.

The MP famous for his rhyme on the Bev Oda KAIROS affair, took to the floor of the House to toast Trudeau on his victory.

"The Ballad of Justin and Patrick" brought the Grits to their feet, many of them sporting boxing gloves (read the full text below). The Liberals haven't partied like this since 1993.


Two men in the ring, 800 in the stands;

One wrote a cheque with his mouth, he couldn’t cash with his hands.

The Tory nation was cocky, they came out in full force;

But like the F-35 contract, they backed the wrong horse.

Liberals must be defeated, that’s known Tory credo;

They had nothing to hide, you could tell by that Speedo.

The Senator came out hard and brought Tories to their feet;

But in less than a minute, he looked pretty well beat.

The red onslaught of punches could not be contained;

Like those Tory attack ads, stinging and sustained.

The bombs came in from everywhere, our boy pummeled and pounded;

It looked like the Senator thought he was surrounded.

He was dazed and confused, the ref twice stopped the fight;

He got hit with so many lefts, he was beggin’ for a right.

In less than six minutes it was all over and done;

A TKO victory, the good guys had won.

The Tories were devastated by this jaw-dropping blow;

Ezra’s microphone went silent, his big mouth stuffed with crow.

But the Tories aren’t finished, they’ll want a rematch I’m bettin’;

They’ll find someone tougher – maybe Marjory LeBreton!


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