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Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Makeup Looks That Work (PHOTOS)

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There are a few timeless makeup combinations that can change your look -- for example, a smokey eye paired with a neutral lip. And with this season's return to classic, simple beauty, we thought it would be fun to pull together some of our favourite celebrity inspired styles as well as some expert advice on how you can recreate the looks yourself. Check out the below slideshow.

Beauty Formula: Smokey Eye + Neutral Lip

This sexy look is synonymous with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. A smokey eye plus a neutral lip pulls attention up, so it works well if you want a dramatic look, but have thinner lips says Judy Inc. makeup artist Tana Damico. What truly makes this makeup pairing timeless is the fact you're playing up one feature while downplaying the other. "So you don't have a face full of makeup," she says.

Get this look and more by following the tips below. Full story continues below slideshow.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Makeup Looks That Work (PHOTOS)

Get The Look: Even out your skin with foundation and concealer where needed. Then, contour your eyes just along and above the socket with a lighter and complimentary colour than will go on your lid. "For example, medium brown in your crease with a black on the lid or grey in the crease and purple on the lid," explains Damico. "This will provide a backdrop and contouring for your smokey eye."

Then take your deeper, statement colour and apply onto your lids. "Concentrate at the lash line and then blend upward. On your lower lash line, starting thinly at the inner corner of your eye, apply shadow, gradually getting thicker as you reach the outer eye; smudge to soften the shadow.

Next, line your upper and lower lashes with an eye pencil. If you have small or close-set eyes, avoid lining inside your water line. "This will make them appear smaller," explains Damico, who's worked with Nelly Furtado and Daria Werbowy. "You can leave them bare or use a white pencil to further open up your eyes."

For blush, she suggests going with something neutral such as a pink-apricot or bronze. And finally, on your lips, start with a lip pencil in a natural shade to give your lips some definition; fill them in with a neutral lip colour.

Beauty Formula: Glowing Skin + Minimal Makeup

Celebs who rock this look? Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. "This look works on people with great skin and people who like to look polished but not made up," says Damico. "Let's face it: we could all use a little sprucing up daily, but it doesn't have to be obvious or take up too much time." She adds this is a great summertime look -- when wearing a full face of makeup doesn't look or feel right.

Get The Look: Start with a BB Cream (this product will hydrate your skin as well as make it look fabulous) or tinted moisturizer (your usual foundation blended with a bit of moisturizer). You'll still want to use concealer, though, to mask any dark circles or blemishes. Next, tending to your brows is a must. "Fill in lightly with an eyebrow shadow if needed -- this instantly gives your face a lift," she says.

Then at the inner corner of your eye, on your browbone, cupid's bow and cheekbones, sweep on some shimmery champagne shadow.

On your eyes, all you need is to line your upper eyelid with black or dark brown liner ("This will give your eye some definition and make your lashes appear thicker," says Damico). Follow by applying some mascara.

On your cheeks, apply a cream or powder blush in a natural golden rose or apricot shade and finish with a tinted lip balm or pale lip gloss or a creamy sheer lipstick in a shade that corresponds with the blush you've applied.

Beauty Formula: Red Lips + Winged Liner

This glamorous look -- think Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Dita von Teese -- is for someone who is not afraid to make a statement, has a strong persona and loves the glamour of the Hollywood of days gone by, says Damico.

Get The Look: Apply your foundation and concealer to even out skin tone. "Dust on loose powder for a more matte finish," she says. Powder your whole face including your eyelids to help keep oil at bay, which will prevent your eye makeup from smudging, she says.

Emphasize your brows by filling in with pencil. You want to balance out the strong lip and liner, explains Damico. If you want, you can add a bit of contour to your eye by using a taupe shadow in your crease. On your cheeks, use a rose blush that will complement your red lipstick shade.

Then use black liquid or gel liner, draw a line from inner corner to outer corner, thinly on the inner corners and gradually getting thicker toward the outer corner. "When you reach the outer corner, use your lower eye line as a guide for where to direct the flick or wing," says Damico.

On your lips, line and fill in using a lip liner that matches your lipstick, then apply your red lipstick on top. "The liner will help the colour last and will also intensify the shade," she says.

She recommends having some cotton swabs handy to clean up any mistakes. "You can also use a small tapered brush and dip it into foundation to clean up any smudged lines around your lips or eyes," she says.