04/04/2012 03:41 EDT | Updated 04/04/2012 03:48 EDT

Trudeau, Brazeau Boxing Match Gets The 22 Minutes Treatment (VIDEO)

Justin Trudeau defeated Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match Saturday night and "22 Minutes" was there for every blow.

Mark Critch gave Brazeau a hard time for wearing a Speedo at the weigh-in, but the comedian saved his best jokes for Trudeau.

Before the fight, Critch ribbed the Quebec MP over the weight of his hair gel before snapping a shot of the photogenic puglilist so the surgeons would be able to reconstruct his face.

But Critch was wrong. It was Brazeau who emerged bloodied and battered from the bout.

That didn't stop Critch from finding humour in the situation: "You were unbearable before, I can't image what you're going to be like now. Pretty soon he'll be talking about himself in the fourth person"

Just wait until he becomes PM ... maybe.

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Video via CBC

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