04/05/2012 02:19 EDT | Updated 04/05/2012 02:25 EDT

Long-Gun Registry: Tory MP John Williamson Quotes Martin Luther King In Speech Celebrating Destruction Of Records (VIDEO)

The Tories are celebrating the end of the long-gun registry on Thursday (though not in Quebec), but one MP's speech on the issue is raising questions of poor taste.

John Williamson, Conservative MP for New Brunswick-Southwest, took to the floor of the House of Commons on Thursday to denounce the registry. He raised eyebrows when he channeled Martin Luther King Jr.'s most famous speech.

"Free at last, free at last, law-abiding Canadians are finally free at last," Williamson bellowed. Surrounding MPs can be heard in the video echoing his declaration.


The famous phrasing comes straight from the end of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech (which King borrowed from an African-American spiritual).

The civil rights leader was shot to death in Memphis on April 4, 1968 and the anniversary of the assassination was marked on Wednesday.

James Earl Ray used a Remington Model Gamemaster Model 760 rifle to carry out the killing. After today, rifles such as the Remington 760 will not need to be registered in Canada.

Tory MP Jim Hillyer made headlines last year when he celebrated a vote on the registry bill with a finger guns gesture. The video was put online to coincide with the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. Hillyer later said he meant no offence with his celebration and blamed the poster of the video for the timing of the release.

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