04/05/2012 05:26 EDT | Updated 04/05/2012 05:28 EDT

Minute 16: Why Floral Pants Need To Go (PHOTOS)

By definition, trends are fleeting. They're ephemeral. And each day we see our fair share of looks we'd like to remove from our sartorial lexicon. So join us, each week, as we analyze a trend that's had its 15 minutes of fame. These looks are well into their Minute 16, folks. It's time to usher them toward stage left.

The Trend: Just because spring is about flowers, it doesn't mean we need see them on our pants. Floral has been seen on everything lately from blouses to blazers. Apparently we really need professional clothes that are made from vintage curtains.

Chief Offenders: Not only have we seen floral pants on spring and summer runways, they've also been noticed on celebrity offenders like Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan.

What's Wrong With It: Pants featuring a busy pattern often distract from an overall outfit, and can even take away from your face. And despite their general softness, floral prints aren't always the prettiest on fabrics -- especially on denim. The mix of acid-like prints and fading patterns aren't appealing on any spring outfit.

May We Suggest: When it comes finding pants this spring, stick to bold colours rather than floral prints. Cobalt blue, red, coral and even orange-toned pants are in this season. And fine, if you really love floral print that much -- try finding alternative not-in-your-face pieces, like floral-printed wedges, a floral hairpiece or a light floral scarf.

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Celebrities In Floral Pants