04/10/2012 02:09 EDT | Updated 04/11/2012 01:06 EDT

Should You Stay Married After An Affair? (DEBATE)


Devastation, anger, betrayal -- without a doubt, these are the emotions certain to overwhelm any marriage in the wake of infidelity. But what isn't quite as clear when the dust settles is whether to stay married or get divorced after an affair.

With careers, property, money, family and feelings in the mix, neither decision is an easy one. So HuffPost Canada asked two bloggers, one who did the cheating, the other who got cheated on, why they think it's better to stick out the post-affair storm and rebuild the relationship, or head for higher ground solo.

Rick Reynolds, founder, believes working to salvage an unhappy marriage leads to bliss. Delaine Moore, author of The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, says some need to cut loose from a dysfunctional marriage to find true joy.

So should you stay or should you go? Pick a side and then read the pros and cons. Afterwards, start a debate of your own in the comments section.