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Thomas Mulcair: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The New NDP Leader (PHOTOS)

Now that Thomas Mulcair has been elected Leader of the federal New Democrats, HuffPost Canada decided to take a closer look at the politician's biography.

Here are 10 surprising facts about the man who wants to be Canada's next prime minister.

10 Little-Known Mulcair Facts

10. He Used To Be A Liberal

9. He Has 9 Siblings

Thomas Mulcair is the second-eldest of 10 children. Needless to say, his family is Catholic.

8. His Wife Is French.. And So Is He (Kind Of)

Mulcair married Catherine Pinhas in 1976. She was born in France to a Turkish family of Sephardic Jewish descent. Mulcair has French citizenship through his marriage, as do the couple's two sons.

7. Not The Best Of Friends With Jean Charest

Mulcair left Charest's Liberal government in Quebec after he was offered the position of Minister of Government Services in 2006, an apparent demotion from Minister of the Environment. Mulcair has said his ouster was related to his opposition to a government plan to transfer land in the Mont Orford provincial park to condo developers.

6. His Great-Great-Grandfather Was Premier Of Quebec

Mulcair's great-great-grandfather on his mother's side was Honoré Mercier, the ninth premier of Quebec.

5. First!

Mulcair was the first New Democrat to win a riding in Quebec during a federal election. He held the riding of Outremont during the 2008 election after first winning the seat in a 2007 by-election. Phil Edmonston was the first New Democrat to win a seat in Quebec, but his win came in a 1990 by-election. Robert Toupin also brought a seat to the NDP in Quebec, in 1986, but by crossing the floor.

4. He's Half Irish.

Mulcair's father Harry Donnelly Mulcair was Irish-Canadian and his mother Jeanne French-Canadian. His father spoke to him in English and his mother in French -- explaining his fluency in both official languages.

3. He Votes In France

Muclair has voted in past French elections, but has said that now that he is leader of the Official Opposition he will not take part in the upcoming French presidential vote.

2. Young Love At First Sight

Mulcair met his future wife at a wedding when they were both teenagers. Catherine was visiting from France. They married two years later when they were both 21.

1. Mr. Angry

Mulcair was given the moniker in a Maclean's headline, but the new leader of the NDP has long been known for his short fuse. In 2005, he was fined $95,000 for defamatory comments he made about former PQ minister Yves Duhaimeon TV. The comments included French vulgarity and an accusation that alleged influence peddling would land Duhaime in prison.

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