04/10/2012 05:20 EDT

Skin Care Facts: Survey Shows How Canadians Really Care For And Feel About Their Skin (PHOTOS)


We've been told beauty is skin deep, but based on a new survey (the NIVEA Skin-dex Survey) conducted by Leger Marketing, many Canadians can get pretty caught up in primping and prepping their epidermis.

The study, which asked 1,500 Canadians about their skin care habits, routines and perceptions, found that, yes, our skin is likely our most important accessory -- and we know it. It also reveals a lot about how we, as Canadians, take care of our skin -- and, subsequently, feel in it.

According to the research, Canadians use an average of only 2.5 skin care products on a daily basis, and women, not so shockingly, use more than men (3.4 products for women compared to only 1.5 for men). It also showed, despite our love of all things snow and winter, 82 per cent of Canadians consider spring/summer the best seasons for their skin.

How do your beauty habits compare to those of other Canadians? Take a quick flick through the below slideshow.

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