04/10/2012 02:24 EDT | Updated 04/10/2012 05:34 EDT

F-35, CBC Cartoon: Journal De Montréal Image Questioned Over 9/11 Imagery

Marc Beaudet/Journal de Montréal

An F-35 headed for a crash encounter with the CBC building in Montreal: Political satire or bad taste?

That's the question on the minds of many people today after Journal de Montréal published a cartoon Tuesday by artist Marc Beaudet that parallels the events of 9/11.


The cartoon references the recent controversy in Canada over the procurement process for the F-35 fighter jet. Last week the auditor general released a report slamming the federal government's handling of the fighter jet purchase and revealing that the true cost for the planes will likely be $10 billion more than estimates released to the public.

The attention for the cost of the F-35 program comes on the heels of a 10 per cent cut in funding for the CBC in the federal budget. The public broadcaster is cutting at least 650 jobs and is planning to begin airing radio ads to generate new revenue. CBC's headquarters in Montreal, pictured in the cartoon, will also be reduced by 400,000 square feet, according to OpenFile

Many have pointed to the massive cost of the F-35s to argue against cuts to the CBC and other public services. The "if we just bought one less F-35 we could..." meme has been popular on social networks.

The Journal de Montréal isn't the first organization to face criticism for using imagery that evokes memories of 9/11.

Last year, South Korean developers faces a torrent of criticism for a building design that many thought resembled the World Trade Center buildings exploding.