04/10/2012 10:20 EDT | Updated 05/21/2013 10:06 EDT

Viral Social Trends: The Latest Must-Try Experiences

Diner en Blanc de Paris

Tired of doing the same old things over and over again? Why not try something new and exciting (and maybe a little bit weird) on for size? Here are some of the latest must-try experiences coming out of vibrant Canadian cities that we think will spread like wildfire. Hit up these fun social trends while they’re hot, kids.

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Niche Trivia Nights

Do you know your Shelbyville from your Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook? How about beautiful mutant Leela's family name? As much fun as they are, well-rounded Jeopardy-style trivia nights mixing sports, history, geography and science are so passé. The time has come for niche trivia nights, where the unapologetically nerdy and pop-cultured among us can gather together and geek out over favourite TV shows...and maybe win prizes!

Certain niche trivia nights that have garnered a bit of media buzz include Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia and You Guessed It! You Can't Unguess It! Futurama Trivia, both happening regularly in Toronto.

Is your city without a niche trivia night? Why not start your own?

Pop-up Dinner Parties

Thanks to viral videos, we know all about flash mobs by now, but what about about flash dinner gatherings? It's not a new thing to Paris, but it is to Canada. These top-secret, invitation-only gatherings communicate secretly with their guests and then hold their flash dinner party events in public locations that are not revealed until the day of. Think James Bond meets James Barber.

The only rub (aside from the aromatic spice rub, that is) is that you tend to have to be a semi-prominent foodie on social media -- or have connections to very prominent foodies on social media -- to get an invite to one of these babies.

Choirs For Grown-ups

We all have fond (or maybe less-than-fond) memories of choir practice. Starched collars, itchy wool pants, and bespectacled schoolmarms mouthing the words to "Ave Maria" from the conductor's podium. Not that we'll directly thank Glee and Smash for this or anything, but did you know that there's a new breed of choir and they're

Take Choir! Choir! Choir!, for instance. This group of stylish and musically inclined Torontonians have tackled tunes by Neil Young, Big Star, Blondie, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and more! Happy fun bonus: we promise you will not get beaten up after class.

Silent Film Festivals

Talkies are so last century! The critical praise garnered by the recent Academy Award-winning film The Artist has reignited movie buffs' interests in the silent era of film. Silent 'film festivals' are popping up in all sorts of cities, and independent cinemas have been more than happy to jump on board. Do some hunting and find one near you...but be sure to power off your smartphones before the show, or there'll be hell to pay!

Community Gardening

Gardening: It's not just for your mom anymore. When your condo or apartment has only 20 square feet of outdoor space, it only makes sense to seek out a spot where you can run barefoot through the grass -- or at the very least, feel the soil between your hands.

Community gardens in every major Canadian neighborhood are inspiring a younger crowd to stake out a plot and watch their tomatoes grow. The reasonable pricing (usually around $25) makes it an easy sell -- the real investment ends up being the work you put in. Alternatives to city-funded gardens include programs like Sharing Backyards, which allows individuals to offer up their unused green space to those who'd like to grow food in it.