04/11/2012 02:05 EDT | Updated 06/11/2012 05:12 EDT

AlarmForce CEO Break-In: Thieves Nabbed After Attempt To Break Into Joel Matlin's Home


TORONTO - Talk about picking the wrong house.

Three men are facing charges after an alleged break-in attempt at the Toronto home of an alarm company president.

AlarmForce Industries (TSX:AF) says Joel Matlin was on vacation in February when a man went to the front door of his house late at night.

Matlin's video-equipped alarm system sent him an e-mail with pictures of the man, whom he did not recognize, but a check of the live video feed showed the man had left.

Matlin contacted Toronto police and asked them to check the house and also called his stepson, who went over to stay at the home.

The stepson was awakened around 4:30 a.m. to the sound of the alarm system saying "phone line cut" and then heard people trying to kick the door down, but he turned on the lights and scared them away.

Matlin's company says the entire incident was caught on video, which was sent to police to help in the investigation.

Police confirm three men were arrested in connection with the attempted break-in at Matlin's house and also have been charged in several break and enters in the Toronto area.

Two other suspects are being sought by police in the break-in attempt at Matlin's house.