04/11/2012 01:25 EDT | Updated 06/11/2012 05:12 EDT

N.B. Liberals critical of government efforts to reduce poverty in province

FREDERICTON - The Opposition Liberals say New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative government is failing to meet any of the commitments set out in the province's poverty reduction plan.

Opposition Leader Victor Boudreau says people need to know if income assistance rates will be increased.

But Social Development Minister Sue Stultz says before she makes changes she needs to see a report from an advisory committee that's looking at such things as income assistance rates.

She said there's no deadline for the committee's report, and noted that the poverty reduction strategy is a five-year plan.

Boudreau says the plan is already into its third year and the government needs to produce results, not just decide on what it will do.

The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice says more than 100,000 New Brunswickers live in poverty.