04/12/2012 05:41 EDT | Updated 06/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Pitbulls Attack Calgary Woman

Two pitbulls dogs have been impounded after a woman was attacked over the weekend in the city's northeast.

City officials say the 35-year-old woman was speaking with the dogs' owner at the front entrance to their home in Applewood on Sunday when it happened.

The incident left the woman with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. She was bitten several times on the legs and face.

Bill Bruce, director Animal and Bylaw Services, expects the dogs will be destroyed due to the severity of the bites.

"Typically on a bite this severe it would be rare that we would not be recommending destruction," he said.

Bruce said the tragedy was consistent with what he called a disturbing trend.

Most dog attacks occurred in presence of owner

“Of the 127 dog bites we responded to last year, 75 happened with the owner being present. Dog ownership is a serious responsibility and the dog owner is responsible for all of their dog’s behaviours both on and off their property," he said.

Bruce said this incident should never have happened, but it serves as a warning to both pet owners and people who play with their animals not to make assumptions.

"The dog should be under your control especially if you're there. So again, just another head's up to us that if the owner is there, it doesn't mean that it's perfectly safe. Know the dog. Watch the dog. Be careful."

Charges are pending and a dangerous dog hearing is being scheduled.

The dogs will be assessed over the next few days and remain impounded until the completion of the dangerous dog hearing. The fine for a serious dog bite is $1,500.