04/12/2012 02:30 EDT | Updated 04/12/2012 03:28 EDT

Clinton, Baird Hockey Bet Will See Loser Wear Rival's Jersey

Twitter/John Baird

Hillary Clinton and John Baird have made a hockey bet. The stakes? Humiliation.

The foreign ministers of Canada and the United States are in Washington, D.C. for a G8 meeting, but they took the time to wager on the NHL playoff series between the New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators. Clinton was a senator from New York before becoming Secretary of State and Baird's riding is in Ottawa.



Baird, Clinton Hockey

The loser of the bet will have to wear the jersey of their rival's team at an "appropriate event," according to Sun political reporter David Akin.

The cross-border hockey bet isn't the first between Canadian and U.S. leaders. Back in 2010, Stephen Harper and Barack Obama made a bet on the outcome of the Olympic gold medal game. Obama lost and shipped a case of beer to the prime minister. The White House press secretary at the time, Robert Gibbs, lost a bet with former-Harper aide Dmitri Soudason the game which saw him wear a Team Canada jersey to a press briefing.

News of the bet is spreading fast after Baird sent out a tweet on the wager. Clinton, who doesn't yet have a Twitter account of her own, took the Web by storm this week via the blog "Texts from Hillary."

The site became so popular that Clinton even met with the site's creators. In a disappointment for Hillary fans everywhere, the website has now been shut down, with the creators saying the meme has "gone as far as it can go."

Maybe Clinton in a Senators jersey will be the birth of a new meme. Here's to hoping.


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