04/16/2012 12:42 EDT | Updated 05/16/2012 10:56 EDT

Hair Care: How To Clean Hair Tools (PHOTOS)


We’re all about making life easier. So here, in our regular feature 10 Tips, we’ll equip you with tricks that’ll make any task -- from buying art to picking the right shade of lipstick -- seem simpler.

They get coated with sticky substances, sometimes burn us, trap a lot of hair, but always end up saving us when bad hair days strike. They're our hair tools, and they deserve a little TLC (just like your locks).

Because they're so frequently used, tools regularly collect dirt, oil and skin particles -- guck that can all be deposited back onto your mane if you don't care for your curlers and straighteners properly.

So we talked to owner and stylist Greg May of Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto about how to tend some of your most common hair tools and accessories.

"For the everyday person, it should come down to common sense. If you neglect cleaning your tools, you are at risk of not getting good results from your hot tools, a bad smell and smoke burn off as well," he says.

Tired of hairspray coated brushes or dull scissors? Here are Greg's tips to clean 10 common hair tools.

How To Clean Your Hair Tools