04/16/2012 09:14 EDT | Updated 04/16/2012 10:42 EDT

Celebrity Beauty Don'ts: 10 Mistakes To Avoid


For every gorgeous starlet whose look we adore, there are one or two who’ve made a terrible choice in the beauty department —some, unfortunately, making permanent changes to their appearance. Learn from their mistakes; here are our top 10 celebrity beauty don’ts.

Too Much Botox

It's hard to find a young starlet who will go on the record stating they've had Botox injections, even though many look as though they have. Some doctors may swear by starting Botox injections in your 20s so that you can maintain your youthful beauty, but there are generally better ways to slow the aging process -- sunscreen, diet and getting enough sleep are just a few easy and very cheap if-not-free options. Megan Fox has long been rumoured to have had Botox injections, but the starlet posted a series of photos on her Facebook page to refute the claims. We're glad.

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10 Celebrity Beauty Mishaps

Too Much Sun

Fergie has a killer bod-- what we would not do for her abs -- and a killer voice. But this blue-eyed beauty has either spent too much time in the California sunshine without sunscreen, or she's wearing too much bronzer. Either way, it's a look best avoided, but if you must, opt for fake -- a real tan is far too damaging to the skin to be relished.

Consuming Too Much Coconut Oil

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr may consume four teaspoons a day of this oil—she credits it with helping her get her body back after having a baby—but be wary of eating too much of it. While the oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, which are beneficial to your liver, it does contain high levels of saturated fat and calories.

Too Many Fillers

There's lots of speculation lately about Lindsay Lohan's much plumper facial features -- reports suggest she's had too many fillers like Restylane and Juvederm injected. Whatever's happened with LiLo, the lesson remains: Too much is too much. Heck, when it comes to fillers, maybe even a little is too much -- we're in the camp of letting your beauty evolve naturally. And maybe we should just start focusing on Lindsay's career instead as well.

Completing The Master Cleanse

Beyoncé reportedly lost weight for Dreamgirls on the Master Cleanse, but this drastic detox diet could be harmful to your body. Consuming only the concoction made up primarily of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper severely deprives your body of protein, vitamins and minerals and calories. A better option: eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly.

Getting Questionable Tattoos

Rihanna’s a PYT right now, and most of her tattoos suit her and her edgy style and attitude. But her recent tribute to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, “Thug Life” tattooed across the knuckles of each of her hands may not be something she'll love 4eva.

Supersizing A Boob Job

Heidi Montag is one of the few young celebrities who openly admitted to numerous cosmetic surgeries at the same time. 10, in fact, including a breast enlargement that enhanced Montag's measurements considerably. She later went on record to say she regretted having all the procedures done and felt 'trapped' in her own body. That's a scary lesson to learn.

Dying Hair Unflattering Shades

Kelly Osbourne has been through a number of different hair colours -- blond, black, pink, red streaks... but lavender grey is a tough shade to pull off, and serves as a good reminder for the rest of us to tread carefully when choosing a permanent hair colour. The key: find a colourist you trust, and take your inspiration from celebs whose looks you love.

Opting For Tooth Veneers

Hilary Duff has one of the sweetest smiles and we didn't think anything was wrong with her teeth before, but then the pretty songstress had oversized veneers put in which overwhelmed her face. She's since had them shortened, but if you don't need veneers in the first place, why bother?

Shearing Off Gorgeous Hair

While some haircuts have a limited life (the Rachel, for example), others are timelessly beautiful, such as actress Keri Russell's head of curls on the hit show Felicity. And when her hair was cut off in season two, ratings dropped and we all mourned the loss of that iconic look. Russell has since gone back to long locks, albeit straightened.