04/16/2012 02:31 EDT

Bankers Vs. Humans Video Game Lets You Stick It To The 1% (VIDEO)

Whether you’re an Occupy fanatic bent on seeing the banks brought to justice for their greed, or a banker sick of looking at the dirty hippies camping outside your office, here’s a new way to work out your frustrations.

Bankers vs. Humans, a new video game available at the iTunes store from video game newcomer Neuchatel, allows you to choose whether you play as a “banker” character or a “human” character. Whichever you choose, your character will “find increasingly ridiculous reasons to jump out of aeroplanes and dodge various debris,” says a sponsored article at Pocket Gamer.

The game lets you play as one of four characters: Fat Trader, Slick Banker, Hippie or Intellectual.

Karan Khemani, CEO of Neuchatel, told Pocket Gamer the idea is to combine the anger and frustration of the Occupy movement with the fun of Angry Birds.

He said the game should be as fun for bankers as it is for, um, humans, but suggested players play all characters, pro- and anti-Wall Street, to get the full feel of the game.

Asked what advice he would give to players, Khemami said: “Stock up on Golden Parachutes and navigate through Bailouts and Loopholes. These will keep you alive in the face of swathes of dangerous obstacles.”

The game is available at the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad, for 99 cents.