04/16/2012 04:17 EDT | Updated 04/16/2012 04:29 EDT

Spring Handbags: Why You Should Buy A Spring Handbag (PHOTOS)

By: Glynnis Mapp,

The change of the seasons gives me an insatiable shopping itch like nothing else. Now that the weather is (sort of) warming up, who isn't thinking about all the things to try and buy?

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Stores are also not making this easy for those of us trying to stay stylish on a dime: there are so many cute handbags to choose from! My frugal solution: break out your springtime staple handbags—bright and light colours, nautical stripes, patterns, textiles like denim and canvas—and show them off. And if you want to get a new addition to your collection, get a cheap-and-chic one. My favourite warm-weather-inspired bag of late? This powder-y blue tote from Zara.

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If you’re on the pastel trend bandwagon (like most of us Kit editors are) you’ll love this one as well. Perfect pick for Mom this Mother's Day for all of you early shoppers, too. *wink!


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