04/17/2012 09:53 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 04:34 EDT

Beyonce: Star Prevents A Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

With all of the celebrity wardrobe malfunctions out there, we have to give props to one of our favourite all-stars: Beyonce.

Yesterday, the star was spotted walking around New York with daughter Blue in a super short shirt-dress (very colourful, very patterned and very on-trend for spring).

But later in the day, after she tucked Blue into bed, her and husband Jay-Z headed to the New Jersey Nets game at Newark's Prudential Center.

Donning the same short garb, Beyonce realized the potential for a wardrobe malfunction (itty bitty skirts get even shorter when you sit down in them). To avoid a sartorial disaster, the A-lister draped a towel -- yes, a towel -- over her legs and lady bits.

To this we say, "Bravo, Beyonce!" Not only for looking mighty fine with a white towel covering up part of your outfit, but for recognizing the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction and preventing it. If only more celebs would take a lesson from your sartorial playbook.

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