04/17/2012 03:52 EDT | Updated 04/07/2013 08:24 EDT

Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Showcases Lost, Stolen Artifacts

Jacqueline Delange

The world is a treasure trove of wayward artifacts -- stolen or lost fragments of mankind's history -- and Canada is no exception.

Just ask artist Dominique Blain, whose work "Mirabilia," installed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, represents 38 missing, pilfered or destroyed artworks from around the world. Canadian artifacts represented in the graveyard of missing relics include a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore, Bill Reid's Killer Whale sculpture and a Haida mask confiscated and declared illegal by the Canadian government. Blain says she created the sculpture to revive lost works of art.

"It's made out of 38 glass boxes that have been cut into various shapes of objects, sculptures or monuments that have been destroyed, that have disappeared or that have been displaced. So it's really a piece about giving life to those works of art," she told the museum.

Light fills the boxes from underneath and brings the figures back to life.

Some objects are forever lost, secreted away in hiding, and some just might reappear someday.

To check out many more lost and stolen artifacts from across Canada, click through our gallery below.

Canada's Lost and Stolen Artifacts