04/19/2012 05:19 EDT

Strangest Help Desks Requests: Employees Reveal Weird Queries


If you work in an office, you're likely quite familiar with the IT desk -- that ever-informative department consisting of employees who seem to have the answers to everything (not to mention a fair chunk of the office gossip).

But it appears that some people like to take that job description a bit too far. In a survey recently released by Robert Half Technology, an employment agency for IT staff, company CIOs (chief information officers) were questioned about the strangest queries they've received while on the job.

Considering how helpful IT staff are generally, it's understandable some people may think of them as all-over maintenance workers. And though they probably do know the best method, it's never appropriate to have anyone else clean out your keyboard.

Strangest Help Desk Requests

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