Don't Be That Guy At The Gym: Do You Recognize These Types? (WATCH)

Gyms have a way of bringing out particular personality traits in people, for better or for worse -- it's what inspires those nicknames you give to those you see regularly while working out. You know the ones we mean: 'crazy workout girl,' 'super smelly guy' and 'woman I hope I look like when I'm 75.'

And today, from the 'Don't Be That Guy' crew, comes 'Don't Be That Guy At The Gym,' a beautifully dissected round-up of five of the most infuriating men you'll find while exercising. Like any cliché, it's a combination of truth and parody, but it falls right in line with the most common complaints you'll hear about gym companions.

We could recommend a couple more problem areas (see aforementioned smelly guy), but truly, we're just happy if more attention is brought to the problem. After all, the first step toward solving the issue of the guy screaming as he lifts 350 pounds is awareness.

Who are your least favourite gym guys? Let us know in the comments below, or at @HuffPostCaLiv.

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