04/20/2012 05:32 EDT

Embarrassing Items In Your Desk: 10 Things We're Often Embarrassed About (PHOTOS)


It happens to most of us: Tampons or pads laying beside our computer or underwear falling out of gym bags at work. Your office desk is often your home away from home, yet some women are still embarrassed by everyday items.

If you've ever had your boss walk by and question your desk items, remember, you're probably more embarrassed than they are. Let's face it, our prescription pills, deodorant and tampons are nothing to be ashamed of. Being embarrassed by these items usually starts before you even bring them to work. How often do you double-bag your tampons at drug stores or make excuses about carrying your 'friend's' pills?

There is one housekeeping rule we do recommend, and that's ensuring your desk surfaces are squeaky clean. A clean desk can be a significant stress reducer, according to "Studies have shown a reduction in the stress level of workers when their clean desktops promote paying attention to one thing at a time," according to the site.

What are you most embarrassed about on your desk? Let us know in the comments below, or at @HuffPostCaLiv.

Here are 10 items you're probably embarrassed by -- and why you shouldn't be:

10 Things We're Often Embarrassed About