04/20/2012 07:07 EDT

Green Canadian Celebrities: Sexy Eco-Friendly Stars Who Inspire Us (PHOTOS)


With Earth Day just around the corner, celebrities have already started spreading the green love. Some launch eco-friendly fashion lines, while others endorse organic snacks. But when it comes to finding green role models, it's the ones who stay truly green 365 days a year who inspire us the most.

They are the hybrid car drivers, the solar panel collectors and the ones who show up at protests and campaigns when nobody asks them to. They tweet about going green, launch green blogs and manage time to volunteer while entertaining us at the same time.

Canadian environmental news in 2012 has been a mix of pipeline protests and the movement to ban the seal hunt. But if you're more inclined toward planting seeds than picketing Parliament, you can make easy changes to your everyday life. Making sure you recycle, finding new uses for older things, carpooling and even cutting down on the use of plastic cutlery are easy ways to stay green.

Stumped for inspiration? Here are 25 green celebrities who deserve greens thumbs up:

Green Canadian Celebrities