04/20/2012 04:39 EDT

Green Movies For Kids: Family Films To Watch For Earth Day


Can you save the environment from the comfort of your couch? Probably not, but watching green movies might inspire you and your family to be a bit more eco-friendly on Earth Day.

As much of the world focuses on increasing awareness about urgent environmental issues, watching Netflix’s top 10 green movies can help show you and your kids how to take action. Curious about water wars? Blue Gold: World Water Wars is for you. Want to reduce your oil dependency? Check out Who Killed the Electric Car? Hungry for local food? Watch What’s On Your Plate.

But before you plant yourselves in front of the tube, consider the eco-friendliest way to watch. Studies have debated whether streaming a movie, having one shipped, or renting it from a video store hurts the environment the least. With so many different factors, including transportation to the video store, DVD packaging, and the amount of electricity it costs to run the streaming servers, the answer is complicated.

But like so much that relates to eco-consciousness, it's about trying as best you can to reduce and reuse energy and things, so take the tact that works for you. Whichever way you choose, take a lesson from each of these environmental movies to go green for Earth Day.