04/22/2012 04:19 EDT | Updated 06/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Politicians make final plea for votes as Alberta election campaign wraps up

CALGARY - Premier Alison Redford ended her election campaign urging voters to think about how a Wildrose government would look in the eyes of Canada and the world.

Redford took aim at Wildrose leader Danielle Smith's stance that the science behind whether human activity causes global warming has not been settled.

She questioned how someone who denies climate change can tout Alberta's energy industry on the world stage.

On a campaign stop in Calgary, Redford says the strong turnout in advanced polls shows Albertans are engaged in this election.

She says some who may not have been politically active in the past are now.

Redford, who is trying to extend the governing Progressive Conservatives' 40-plus year dynasty, says the outcome will tell the rest of Canada who Albertans are.