04/22/2012 04:47 EDT | Updated 04/22/2012 04:49 EDT

Texting TTC Driver: Subway Car Operator Caught On Video Using Cellphone On The Job

A video of a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway driver using his mobile device while driving has prompted an investigation, reports the CBC.

Posted by YouTube user evanderm, the video apparently shows the TTC employee typing on their cellphone while operating the train between Eglinton and Bloor subway stations.

TTC spokesperson Danny Nicholson told CBC and the Toronto Star that they are aware of the video are are looking into it.

Using a mobile device while operating a vehicle is banned under TTC policy, and as seen in widely-publicized incidents last winter, it can also be just plain illegal.

Last January, two TTC bus drivers were photographed using their cellphones while driving, one of them using his forearms to steer as he texted. Using a mobile device while driving has been banned in Ontario since October 2009 and both drivers were subsequently fired. In the crackdown that followed, the TTC found more than 70 cases of distracted driving by employees, according to a Toronto Star investigation.

At the time Brad Ross, director of corporate communications for TTC, said he'd rather riders didn't “play games with gotcha” by sharing photographs and videos of misbehaving employees and should instead contact the TTC directly.