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ISIS Sports Bra: Test Drive


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Test Drive Subject: ISIS Sports Bra

Price: $65

What It Is: A sports bra made for running and working out that claims to support your body's every move. The bra also has woven fabrics that quickly absorb and evaporate sweat. And the lifesaver, for me at least, is adjustable padded shoulder straps and a thick strapped hook in the back. It's also engineered with a six-point support system that aims to keep your girls in place.

Putting It To Use: I should start by saying I've always had trouble finding the right sports bra (or any bra for that matter), as I think is the case for many women with larger chests. I've always been told I never wear the right size after getting checked at retail bra stores, so finding the perfect fit in a fitness bra was the most important thing to me. The one I used prior to this was an Adidas sports bra I picked up off a rack almost randomly three years ago.

The ISIS D+ version is meant to cover anyone whose size is a 34D going up to the double Ds. To date, I've used it for yoga, jogging and working out on the elliptical trainer at the gym. Right from the start, I did notice a change in terms of support. The one thing most of us hate about running or jogging is when your boobs are moving in the opposite direction from your body. This bra, however, kept my girls in place (like it promised) and the straps didn't strain my shoulders or poke into my back.

Our Thoughts: Compared to my last bra with no real support, yes, the ISIS was better. Compared to another one I own from Lululemon that boasts similar functions? I would rank them about the same. This bra does the job of securing your girls when you're running or jumping, and it does a great job of collecting sweat. The straps, again, are the selling point, thanks to the support they allow.

Before You Start Spending: Shopping for a bra is never easy: One poll suggests that at least 80 per cent of women still wear the wrong bra size. When it comes to finding the right bra for working out, settling for one that doesn't provide support for your back and shoulders can actually end up stretching and sagging your breasts, according to Everyday Health.

When you're shopping, try finding sizes that go by cups rather than S, M, L and so on. Being more precise will give you a better fit, according to Women's Health Magazine. I would also recommend getting measured by an expert -- at more than one store. Buying a variety of bras, for both high-impact and low-impact activities, will provide better support for each type of workout you do.

Tips: If you're heavy-chested and looking for support for your workouts, I would recommend this bra for exercise. I would also recommend, with any sports bra, to make it a priority to find one with padded straps.

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CORRECTION: This article previously stated the price of the sports bra as $55. That was the U.S. pricing for the item; it has now been changed to $65 to reflect Canadian pricing.