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War Of 1812: Why Does No One Know Anything About It? (WATCH)

Quick history quiz. Who started the War Of 1812? Who fought in it? Who won?

If you're like many Canadians, chances are you don't know the answer to these questions. Even though the war played a pivotal role in the eventual creation of Canada and would shape the development of the United States.

Or as writer Stephen Marche explained in the Walrus, "For the US, the war confirmed its status as a sovereign state and tested the limits of manifest destiny. On this side of the border, the matter is much simpler: if we hadn’t won the War of 1812, we wouldn’t be Canadian."

The producers of 1812: Forged In Fire, an upcoming documentary about the conflict, took to Toronto's streets and asked people what they knew about the War of 1812. The answer, not a heck of a lot. It's a bit surprising considering one of the war's pivotal battles took place right here in Toronto (then called York) and nearly destroyed the fledgling city.

People do remember that story about British (Canadian?) troops burning down the White House (sorta).

Last year, College Humor also put together this hilarious video looking at the confusion surrounding the war. We don't recommend citing it in your history paper on the War Of 1812.

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