04/26/2012 06:57 EDT | Updated 06/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Montreal Announces $379M In Summer Construction Plans


The City of Montreal said it will be working hard to keep people informed about construction projects this summer.

The city said a budget of $379 million will go towards upgrading Montreal's infrastructure above and below ground in 2012.

Richard Deschamps, the executive committee member in charge of infrastructure, said he knows construction projects cause traffic and other problems. He said that's why the city's approach involves communicating with Montrealers and asking for their co-operation.

Sewers and aqueducts will be improved, particularly in the neighbourhood around the McGill University Health Centre's superhospital in the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough.

There will also be upgrades to overpasses, streets and sidewalks.

Transports Québec closures

Transports Québec has released its latest plan for closures on the Ville-Marie Expressway, related to work on the Turcot Interchange.

The ministry is closing one of two lanes on the Decarie South heading towards the 720 East.

Construction starts on May 3 and will continue until the mid-October.

The second major closure will be on Highway 15 North from the Champlain Bridge to the ramp for the Ville-Marie East. That will close completely on May 5 and will re-open in mid-July.

More cooperation promised

Deschamps said he's aware Montreal is not the only level of government with summer construction projects, and the city will try to coordinate with the province on construction plans.

"We've had, with the ministry of transportation, many meetings, or some meetings, over the last year. Our teams are here to make co-ordination," said Deschamps.

He said that should mean less congestion at construction sites such as the Turcot Interchange.