04/29/2012 08:46 EDT | Updated 06/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Disturbing video shows man being run over; Montreal taxi driver in custody

MONTREAL - Disturbing images are circulating on the Internet, showing a man apparently being run over by a taxi cab in Montreal.

A 23-year-old man was rushed to hospital pre-dawn Sunday with serious but non life-threatening injuries.

A 47-year-old taxi driver and some of his clients were being investigated, police said, with the possibility of criminal charges being laid. The incident occurred in a lively downtown district, filled with night stops and restaurants.

Const. Yannick Ouimet said it appeared the taxi driver was having an argument with three clients when he told them to get out. Things quickly degenerated at that point, Ouimet said.

"People were actually kicking the vehicle, causing some (damage) on the vehicle."

Images circulating on the Internet showed a taxi nearly hitting one man and then, moments later, rolling over him. Ouimet said police are aware of several videos circulating online and he said they are being used in the investigation.

"All those videos were looked at by investigators and should help them lay down accusations," he said.

One video posted to YouTube shows the conflict escalating, with a group of men kicking at a car and one man jumping on its roof. Moments later, the vehicle drives right over one of the men. The car then darts away, down the street.

"I told you guys to get out of there!" a man is heard in the video, yelling at the pedestrians involved in the altercation.

"Anyway, it's all on tape!"