04/30/2012 04:05 EDT | Updated 06/29/2012 05:12 EDT

List of Foreign Affairs art for sale

OTTAWA - A list of the 20 pieces of art the Department of Foreign Affairs has proposed for sale from its collection:

Molly Lamb Bobak. "Sun Flowers." Acquired 1967.

Paul-Emile Borduas. "Untitled." Acquired 1960.

Paul-Emile Borduas. "La Cathedral enguirlandee." Acquired 1953.

Jack Bush. "Awning." Acquired 1972.

Jack Bush. "Twice Over." Acquired 1972.

Jean Dallaire. "Nature morte aux poissons." Acquired 1959.

Edwin Holgate. "Barns in snow." Acquired 1957.

Clarence Gagnon. "Winter Landscape." Acquired 1954.

General Idea. "Untitled." Acquired 1989.

E.J. Hughes. "Late Summer, Ladysmith." Acquired 1958.

E.J. Hughes. "Beach at Sydney B.C." Acquired 1956.

E.J. Hughes. "Abandoned Railway B.C." Acquired 1956.

E.J. Hughes. "View of Ladysmith." Acquired 1959.

William Kurelek. "Our World Today." Acquired 1972.

Jean-Paul Lemieux. "Girl with Fur Hat." Acquired 1963.

David Milne. "Black Ice." Acquired 1957.

David Milne. "Flowers in a Vase." Acquired 1935.

Jean Paul Riopelle. Untitled. Acquired 1959.

Albert Robinson. The Little Bridge in Baie St. Paul. Acquired 1954.

Albert Robinson. Soft Snow Baie St. Paul. Acquired 1954.