04/30/2012 04:17 EDT | Updated 04/30/2012 05:10 EDT

Marc Garneau Accuses NDP MP Jonathan Tremblay Of Stealing His Mail


Liberal MP Marc Garneau accused NDP MP Jonathan Tremblay of stealing his mail Monday afternoon after Question Period.

The Montreal MP said a parcel addressed to him was mistakenly sent to Tremblay’s office. According to Garneau, when he enquired about the mail with Tremblay’s staff, they said they had opened it and given the contents away. Tremblay occupies Garneau's former office.

Garneau said the package contained small toy space shuttles intended for delivery to sick kids.

"They did not call and return the contents with an apology for opening the package clearly addressed to me. No, Mr. Speaker, they instead removed the content, then gave them away. That Mr. Speaker, is not only an invasion of my privacy, it is theft," Garneau said. “When contacted by my office, they showed no remorse whatsoever for this offense,” he added, requesting an investigation.

Garneau wants Speaker Andrew Scheer to rule that a breach of his parliamentary privilege has occurred.

NDP house leader Nathan Cullen suggested Garneau’s complaint was trivial and should be dealt with by the MPs involved instead of devoting the time and resources of the House of Commons to the matter. He also said there is some confusion around whether Garneau's name really was on the box.

"I think there may be some discrepancy as to whether there was actually a name on the box or not. We will get to the bottom of this."

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